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Our story has been going on for over 10 years

At the beginning of the 2010s, Caroline, a globetrotter, discovered a small Indonesian fishing port near Surabaya while crossing the Madura Strait by jukung, between Bali and Java.

It is in this inspiring cocoon, conducive to letting go and reflection, that the desire comes to share the experience and atmosphere of her travels through unique ambiance and relaxation home accessories .

Decorations, flowers, candles, fragrances: it was in 2014 that the first collection of Anoq objects and scents was launched.

A state of mind

“We work with our hands to infuse our passion and dedication into everything we create.”

Each piece is unique, handcrafted in an artisanal way.

Ceramic, wood, stone, wax, French perfumes: the materials chosen are noble, natural, selected for their quality and for the pleasure of the senses.

This desire for exception reflects a strong vision: to offer the perfect alliance between authentic craftsmanship, the emotion of detail, and a unique design.

We serve the most beautiful hotels

With their aesthetic conducive to luxury and relaxation, Anoq products quickly established themselves among interior designers, hotel decorators, and wholesalers of accessories for high-end interior design.

Chalets, cottage, spas, hotels, yachts, jets : Anoq flowers, accessories and fragrances are now part of the hotel landscape, and help to offer travelers from all over the world spaces for relaxation, emotion and letting go. directly inspired by memories created a few years earlier in these small villages in Southeast Asia.

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Une plateforme pour les particuliers

Faced with ever-increasing demands from individuals who have fallen in love with its products, Anoq will quickly offer a private online store for direct sales: This store is getting a makeover from 2024 as part of the development of the Anoq product range: a new, more modern, more modular website, designed to support the ever-increasing influence of the brand among professionals and individuals, and in particular those looking for ideas for their interior or for a beautiful, original gift to offer.

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