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MANA CRÈME | Ceramic diffuser vase


MANA CRÈME is a 20 x 7 cm diffuser vase handmade by passionate craftsmen. It has a ceramic reservoir and a sola flower, and bears the ANOQ signature.

MANA CRÈME reveals its full potential through the charm of its sola flower and ceramic reservoir. At once high-end, natural and atypical, this diffuser will accompany you for many years thanks to its timelessness and discretion.
Window sills, mantelpieces, coffee tables,... you can imagine all sorts of configurations to enhance your interior ! Let your imagination do the talking !
On the home side, we recommend matching your diffuser vase with an environment consisting of textured or graphic wall coverings, comfy tufted rugs and cushions, not forgetting smallobjects in natural stone such as marble or bolsters.
How to use : 
Place the sola flower on its side and fill the reservoir with 100 ml of the fragrance you'll find the "home fragrances" section of our website. Then place the flower back inside the vase to enjoy the first notes of fragrance wafting into the room. If you wish to use a different fragrance, be sure to clean the inside of the reservoir before pouring in the new scented solution.
Dimensions/poids 7 cm de largeur
20 cm de hauteur
500 grammes
Matériau Ceramic and Sola
Utilisation Vase diffuser, Perfume diffuser, Decorative object, Interior decoration
Dimensions 20 x 7 cm

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