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NEST - Decorative ceramic tray


The NEST tray is a16x6cm grey ceramic interior decoration with a central hollow. It has been hand-crafted by passionate artisans.

Description : 
Inspired by the maritime world for its coral-like appearance, the NEST ceramic tray features a central recess enabling it to serve as a versatile accessory, able to double as a dried-fruit container, pocket remover or jewelry dish.
It resembles a coral plant found in marine waters, with its three ceramic rows adding volume to the piece.
Its use doesn't stop there, however , as it can also be garnished with flowers or ceramic pieces to add dynamism and contrast with the gray color of the tray.
NEST can be used in many rooms of the house, whether kitchen, bedroom orliving room, to bring a refined look to your interior design.
How to use :
Place this decorative tray on a chest of drawer, shelf, dining room table or coffee table for atouch of originality.
Fast and safe transport : 
At ANOQ, we pay meticulous attention to the packaging and shipping of our products. Each item is carefully protected and packed with the utmost care to ensure optimum safety during transport.
YOur satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. If you have any questions or need to make a return concerning your order, please do not hesitate to consult our delivery policy.
Dimensions/poids 16 cm de largeur
6 cm de hauteur
500 grammes
Matériau Ceramic
Catégories Interior decoration, Decoration objects, Interior design, Home decoration
Type Decorative table object
Couleur Grey
Dimensions 16x6cm

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