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WHITE NEPAL ORCHID | Porcelain and acacia wood fragrance diffuser for interiors


The NEPAL ORCHID is a 7x6cm ceramic and acacia wood fragrance diffuser for interiors, to be combined with essential oils or scented sprays. It is handmade and signed ANOQ.

This ORCHID is an indoor diffuser featuring an acacia wood base and a porcelain flower to be perfumed.
Shell, elegance and timelessness are the key words to describe the aesthetics of this diffuser, which adapts to all decorating styles, however eclectic.
We recommend placing it on a mantelpiece or windowsill, or simply integrating it into your bookshelf, while associating it with small decorative objects combined with large terracotta or art deco vases.
The orchid is available in grey or black, as are the other flowers in the floral range : carnation, rose, jasmine, gardenia, daisy, hibiscus, lotus,java star and Tibetan jade.
How to use : 
Spray 3 or 4 drops of fragrance on your floral diffuser and let the scent fill the air and disperse throughout the room. Be sure to repeat the operation every 4 days to enjoy an invigorating aroma every day. Our accompanying perfume bottles have an approximate shelf life of 30 days.
Fast and secure shipping :
At ANOQ, we pay meticulous attention to the packaging and shipping of our products. Each item is carefully protected and packed with the utmost care to ensure optimum safety during transport.
Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. If you have any questions or wish to make a return concerning your order, please do not hesitate to consult our delivery policy.
Dimensions/poids 6 cm de largeur
7 cm de hauteur
250 grammes

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