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ORCHIDÉE DU NÉPAL NOIR | Porcelain and acacia wood fragrance diffuser for interiors


The Black Nepal Orchid is a 7x6cm top-of-the-range, eco-friendly, hand-crafted ceramic and porcelain diffuser by ANOQ.

Description :
Feminine, minimalist and chic are the key words to describe the ORCHIDÉE DU NÉPAL NOIRE, which combines the timelessness of wood with the preciousness of porcelain. Our diffusers are crafted with passion and respect for noble materials.
To embrace current trands, you can combine this diffuser with "Arty" decorative objects, rattan and wicker materials and linen household linen. It's best placed in a Neo-rustic decorating universe, which is a happy medium between japanese ans handcrafted featuring recycled materials, clean colors and a touch of sobriety for a modern, authentic result.
Orchid is one of 9 flowers in the floral range, along with Hibiscus, Rose, Jasmine, Gardenia, Carnation, Daisy, Lotus, Star de Java and Tibet Jade.
You can combines this diffuser with one of the sprays that make up our Made in France fragrance collection to suit your tastes : fruity, spicy, woody, oriental or aromatic.
How to use : 
To use the diffuser, simply apply 3 sprays of perfume to the ceramics flower, let the fragrance soak in, then repeat the same gesture every 3 days for a weekly ritual. Our perfume bottles have an approximate shelf life of 30 days.
Fast and secure transport : 
At ANOQ, we pay meticulous attention to the packaging and shipping of our products. Each item is carefully protected and packed with the utmost care to ensure optimum safety during transport.
Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. If you have any questions or wish to make a return concerning your order, please consult delivery policy.
Dimensions/poids 6 cm de largeur
7 cm de hauteur
250 grammes
Diffuser type DIffuser to scent with spray or essential oil
Matériau Ceramic and acacia wood
Catégories Fragrance diffuser, Interior diffuser, Home diffuser, Interior decoration
Dimensions 7x6cm

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