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MALAYSIAN HIBISCUS | Ceramic fragrance diffuser vase


The MALAYSIAN HIBISCUS is a 9x9cm home fragrance diffuser for perfume and essential oil concentrates. Handmade, this porcelain flower and its acacia wood support are signed ANOQ.

Description :
The MALAYSIAN HIBISCUS is one of the 10 flowers that make up the floral range, namely : orchid, rose, jasmine, carnation, gardenia, lotus, java star and tibet jade.
Commonly called "girl of the islands", the flower represents the emblem of beauty par excellence and becomes the national flower of Malaysia.
The petals are assumed to form a single flower and combine refinement, practicality and originality to fit into any room in the house.
And to adapt to the era of time, it is advisable to adopt it with natural materials associated with a bouquet of dried flowers on a bluish green background or a wooden or brick covering or a sleek wallpaper.
Dimensions/poids 9 cm de largeur
9 cm de hauteur
500 grammes
Diffuser type DIffuser to scent with spray or essential oil
Matériau Ceramic and acacia wood
Catégories Interior diffuser, Perfume diffuser, Interior decoration, Decorative object, Home decoration
Dimensions 9x9cm

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