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JASMIN D'ORIENT GRIS | Porcelain and acacia wood fragrance diffuser


The Jasmin d'Orient gris fragrance diffuser is a top-of-the-range, handcrafted 7x6cm decorative object by ANOQ.

Description : 
The union of soft ceramics and noble wood has created JASMIN D'ORIENT GRIS, a top-of-the-range, handcrafted, eco-friendly diffuser that adapts to all interior styles thanks to its discretion and timelessness. It is used with a scented spray.
Depending on your preferences, you can choose a fruity, spicy, oriental, woody or aromatic fragrance from our selection of sprays, which you can find in the "home fragrances" section, and why not alternate them regularly to vary the pleasures !
In the world of decoration, a total change is taking place this year ! Say goodbye to minimalism and make way for boldness and eccentricity in XXL patterns, imposing wall papers and bright colors ! 
However, you can combine sobriety and extravagance by creating a quirky setting : fringed or embroidered cushions, resin or stainless steel furniture, pacha armchairs or Tam Tam stools, Ultrafragola mirrors or lava lamps ! Let your imagination run wild ! 
How to use : 
Place 3 or 4 drops of fragrance spray or esential oil on the ceramic jasmine to enjoy the effects of the fragrance wafting through your home.
Fast and safe transport : 
At ANOQ, we pay meticulous attention to the packaging and shipping of our products. Each item is carefully protected and packed with the utmost care to ensure optimum safety during transport. 
Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. If you have any questions or wish to make a return concerning your order, please do not hesitate to consult our delivery policy.
Dimensions/poids 6 cm de largeur
7 cm de hauteur
250 grammes
Diffuser type DIffuser to scent with spray or essential oil
Matériau Ceramic and acacia wood
Catégories Fragrance diffuser, Interior diffuser, Home diffuser, Interior decoration
Dimensions 7x6cm

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