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JADE DU TIBET | Porcelain and acacia wood home fragrance diffuser


The JADE DU TIBET diffuser is a 10x7cm decorative object consisting of an acacia wood base and a ceramic flower to be scented. It is handmade by passionate craftsmen and signed ANOQ.

Description : 
JADE DU TIBET, or sense revalator for experts, is a capallary diffuser that releases an elegant, bold and original fragrance. Its is one of three diffusers in the Zen range, along with Lotus des Indes and Star de Java.
Its flower is a tribute to a region of China dotted with immense peaks known as the "Roofs of the World", and is thus associated with prosperity and eternity.
The diffuser is durable and adaptable to all interior styles, whether roccoco, baroque, minimalist or tropical.
Pair it with pampas, wooden boxes or sleek, embroidered linens.
How to use : 
To get the most out of your diffuser, be sure to place a few drops of fragrance on its porcelain flower and let the scent spread gently around the room.
Fast and secure transport : 
At ANOQ, we pay meticulous attention to the packaging and shipping of our products. Each item is carefully protected and packed with the utmost care to ensure optimum safety during trasnport.
Your satisfaction and trust are our top priorities. If you have any questions or need to make a return concerning your order, please do not hesitate to consult our delivery policy.
Dimensions/poids 7 cm de largeur
10 cm de hauteur
300 grammes
Diffuser type Diffuser to scent with fragrance spray or essential oil
Matériau Ceramic and acacia wood
Catégories Fragrance diffuser, Interior diffuser, Home diffuser, Interior decoration
Dimensions 10x7cm

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