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BALI | Porcelain and acacia wood perfume tray


BALI is a handcrafted acacia wood tray with ceramic pieces to be scented with perfume concentrate. This creation measures 13,5cm and it is signed ANOQ.

Description : 
A round acacia wood base, ceramic pieces in the shape of flowers and marbles : the BALI tray is an elegant, light and sophisticated assembly that offers a multitude of possible associations.
For a poetic touch, you can combine this tray with wooden birds, artistic shapes, green plants, a jute rug and a linen blanket. Shades of stone blue and sage green are also welcome.
This tray is the centerpiece of a convivial, dynamic and atypical decorative composition.
How to use : 
Place 3 or 4 drops of fruity, spicy, woody or oriental fragrance spray on the ceramic pieces, then let the scented solution permeate the room. Repeat every 5 days.
Dimensions/poids 13.5 cm de largeur
500 grammes
Diffuser type Perfume tray with perfume concentrate
Matériau Ceramic and acacia wood
Utilisation Diffuser tray, Perfume diffuser, Home fragrance, Decorative objects, Interior decoration
Dimensions 13,5 cm

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